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"I met Jessica at NAMM's Day of Service at Savoy Elementary in D.C. She was quite professional, friendly, and very helpful. Whether it was doing behind the scenes administration or helping me ensure all the drums and chairs were in place for the Percussion Master Class I taught with guest stars Chad Smith and Bernie Williams, Jessica was rock solid. The event turned out to be a huge success."

Nathaniel Aguilar


Ted Gee

Co-founder and President, Live Music Tutor

"I had the privilege to work with Jessica during a very high profile, high visible project that supports music education! Jessica was very instrumental in making the event a huge success. Her attention to detail, organizational skills and follow through are key assets that helped the success of this event. If given the opportunity I would definitely work with Jessica again!"

"I strongly recommend Jessica. She is concise and can help showcase the best YOU on paper."

Isaac Miller

Founder, So Much Good

Adam Arsala

Senior Sales Consultant

"If you’re a working professional looking for a personal statement, Jessica produces a great result. Couldn’t have wrote it better myself."